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Configure Multiple approvers from a Group

Question asked by Muzammil K on Nov 26, 2017
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I would like to know if RSA IGL supports configuring multiple approvers from a Group. I know that in an Approval workflow we can set the resources to include a group for a Approval node, But I'm not sure of the behavior.


I'm trying to achieve the scenario say, a group called "Vice President" has 3 members, so the Change request should send approvals request to all 3 members, but only 1 approval is required for the workflow to move forward to the next phase. This is still the First step of Approval, and after anyone of the 3 approve, the request should go to the next (Second step) Approver.

And what happens once the request is approved by one person? Are the other 2 notified about it? Can they also approve/deny afterwards?