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How to set a Software Token Profile with SDK API rsaws?

Question asked by Guillermo Ivan Prisco Perez on Dec 3, 2017



I developed a application with the SDK of RSA SecurID Auth. Manager 8.2. SP1. At the moment when I assign the Soft Token the application does fine, but when I try to distribute the Soft Token from a device I get a error of Device Binding.


The RSA support team says: 


"I must assign a Software Token Profile to the Soft Token in the develop I send's the next parameters:"


- UserID

- Software Token

- Plattform or Profile (Android or iOS)

- Device ID


And I can't see the Software Token Profile like in the image:



If I make a distribution of Software Token from the Security Console, now I can see the Profile:



I tried with different methods of the developer guide, but i still with the same problem.