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Account Duplication in Application's Account Tab in RSA Project

Question asked by Adem Keskin on Dec 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2017 by Hemant Mandle

Hi All,

I wrote a connector for IDM entegrated X Application,

there are add role, remove role, delete account etc operations in Connectors, I also have them.


When I wanted to add a role to an account through sending request , although the account was created before, my request had been trying to create account again then had added the role.(screen2)


So there were 2 same accounts in Account's tab of Application X(screen1)


Also my application's Account Collector doesnt belong to it, it uses another account collector
but it has its own Entitlement Collector


I doubt about mapping issue causes this duplication. I also put attachments below.

Have you got any idea?



Thanks, Regards