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Bulk delete unwanted user accounts

Question asked by Patrick Chouinard on Dec 20, 2017

We currently use Archer 6.2 in all of our environments. We are using LDAP sync to automatically create Archer accounts.


Unfortunately, we found out that the filter currently used in our LDAP sync is NOT working properly and thus created a lot (10s of thousand) of unwanted user accounts in Archer.


The question is : is there a way to do a BULK delete of any Archer account that NEVER logged on in Archer in order to remove all those unwanted account WITHOUT affecting historical data in Archer ? (we believe that if we only delete any account that NEVER logged in, we shouldn’t affect record history, which is critical for us).


Obviously, we do not want to delete ALL the users in the database but only unwanted accounts.


Any help would be appreciated.