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Users on Laptops are given Windows and RSA logon options

Question asked by Richard Fisk on Jan 5, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2018 by Richard Fisk


I have an issue regarding user accounts and Windows Password vs. RSA token authentication.

All of my laptop users are given two options at the Windows logon screen. Both of these options list the users domainname\username in the account tile.


Tile Option 1: User is prompted for their Windows PASSWORD. If they enter their Windows password, they are able to logon. It specifically says password in the input box.





Tile Option 2: User is prompted for their PASSCODE. If they enter their RSA passcode, they are able to log on. It specifically says PASSCODE in the input box.





Users should only be promoted for their PASSCODE. I do not have this issue with users working from Desktop machines. The same GPOs are applied to the desktop users and the laptop users, but the laptop users have this extra logon option.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.