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AFX Connector JavaCodeBase and OAuth 2.0

Question asked by Andrew Beauchamp on Jan 7, 2018

Verson: RSA G&L 7.0 and above. 


Hello Experts, 


I'm in the process of creating my own connector using the JavaCodeBase and need to connect to a cloud application and to do so use OAuth 2.0.   


I can OAuth easily to the app fine using scribejava or other libraries BUT I don't know how RSA G&L api (afx-stub-java_code_based.jar) will work with OAuth 2.0 using it's internal callback URL.   


I know that other connectors use the inbuilt product's callback url "https://<host>:<port>/aveksa/oauth/callback".    


How do I use this callback URL?  Can anyone point me to some example or clues?  


Thanks in advance