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Fulfillment list limited to 100 entries

Question asked by Markus Calmius on Jan 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Markus Calmius



after upgrading to 7.0.2 I can no longer open all split jobs requests.

New Year means a lot of changes, so the attribute synchronization included around 1550 accounts that where updated.

Most of these went through as expected but 38 are stuck in "Waiting for verification" and they will never be verified. I usually manually check these and reset the job.

However, I only get a list of 100 when I open the Split Job node...


Is there a configuration issue or bug?

The top part of the attached picture shows the total amount of split jobs and the bottom one shows the number of jobs available for selection.

It should be 16 pages but I only get the one. Which is the same as is displayed in the Status section of the specific request main page.