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Retry failed AFX Fullfilment Node in a WorkFlow loop

Question asked by Abhishek Choudhury on Jan 11, 2018
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I am simply trying to loop through a failed AD AFX fulfillment 3 times with a 5 minute delay between each attempt.

The idea is to give the CR 1+3 attempts over a 15 minute period.. and if it doesn't go through, assign to Ops team for manual fulfillment.

I managed to work past the numeric counter increment issue asked by me here (Set and increment numeric variables in workflows (v7.0.1) ) temporarily by handling the increment as literal strings.


The issue that I now see is that in the first execution of the loop, the WF works as expected.

AFX fulfillment to AD fails (I have purposely set an incorrect password in the AD AFX Connector to orchestrate this), and the WF waits at the delay node.

See below:



Before the subsequent loop I go in and fix the password in the AD AFX Connector, save and test connection.

Unfortunately, the WF loops back as expected, but it does not trigger AFX Provisioning at all. It simply skips past the AFX Fulfillment Handler Node , routes through the delay path 2 more times and finally gets assigned to Manual fulfillment.


See below:



I checked the AFX Logs and observed that nothing was even logged beyond the first iteration in there.

The last log entry says:

AFX fulfillment state F request successful for message bcfb198c-4434-496f-94d9-0a41087e9aa1


Is this fulfillment state setting relevant to this issue?

If an AFX fulfillment handler state in a CR gets set to F (I assume which signifies failed), does that fulfillment handler not get invoked at all during subsequent runs?

We are currently on RSA IGL v7.0.1 HotFix 2.


Your inputs are highly appreciated!