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Migration from 6.x -8.x - Questions on How APIs Are Affected

Question asked by Christopher Taylor on Jan 16, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2018 by Ted Barbour

We are migrating from version 6 - version 8 and one of our application teams needs to estimate the effort to integrate either a similar or new API call in version 8.


  • RSA token information “securIdPinStatusInfo”    :  2-3 days
    The reset token function is no longer exists  : Estimation pending since API is not available
  • Temporary token code API have changed : 2 days
  • RSA groups have changed : 2-3 days   including flag based implementation to enable switch between AMIS 6.1 and AMIS 8.1 .
  • SD_AddLoginToGroup API  :  Estimation pending since API not available.
  • Password reset:  currently there are password reset every 30 days for the AMIS admin acct but there will be less frequent updates once they have access to HTTPS URL.  Does this actually go away entirely?