Sravan Koneti

Decoder/Concetrator Core database space may underuitlized due to default percent value change in recent versions.

Discussion created by Sravan Koneti on Jan 17, 2018
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by Scott Moore

In earlier versions, Core database (packetdb/sessiondb/metabd and indexdb) settings were corrected by reconfig update=1 parameters to bring 95% space utilization. However, the latest versions will not bring the to 95% with this parameters. Since default percent was reduced from 95 to 90 percent now.


This is from recent default percent=90


In earlier versions:default percent=95


When correcting this settings, Please use reconfig percent=95 update=1 parameters. This may help to use 95% utilization as recommended.


Reference:How to prevent stopping capture on a default settings Log Decoder due to less metadb size