Sravan Koneti

Decoder/Concetrator Core database space may underuitlized due to default percent value change in recent versions.

Discussion created by Sravan Koneti on Jan 17, 2018

In earlier versions, Core database (packetdb/sessiondb/metabd and indexdb) settings were corrected by reconfig update=1 parameters to bring 95% space utilization. However, the latest versions will not bring the to 95% with this parameters. Since default percent was reduced from 95 to 90 percent now.


This is from recent default percent=90


In earlier versions:default percent=95


When correcting this settings, Please use reconfig percent=95 update=1 parameters. This may help to use 95% utilization as recommended.


Reference:How to prevent stopping capture on a default settings Log Decoder due to less metadb size