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Important information on user "deploy_admin" in NW 11.0

Discussion created by Twinkle Lath Employee on Jan 18, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by John Snider

- The password for deploy_admin user should be same across all appliances.
- This user is used to connect rabbitmq, few mongo db tables(more or like guest user in 10.x version)


- If you change the deploy_admin user password in the NetWitness Suite User Interface (ADMIN>Security >Select deploy-admin - Reset password)
Then, follow below:
1. SSH to the NW Server host.
2. Run the (/opt/rsa/saTools/bin/set-deploy-admin-password script.
3. Use the new password when installing any new non-NW Server hosts.
4. Run (/opt/rsa/saTools/bin/set-deploy-admin-password script on all nonNW
Server hosts in your deployment.
5. Write down the password because you may need to refer to it later in the installation.


- If by mistake wrong password is used for user deploy_admin on any new node while bootstrapping,the orchestration fails. 
This state can be recovered by following:
1.First get your deploy password by logging in to your Admin server with ssh and running:
security-cli-client --get-config-prop --prop-hierarchy --prop-name platform.deployment.password --quiet
2.You will get your deploy password, next on your Node X that fails orchestration, open the file :
3.Change the password entry in file under deploy_admin to the deploy password retrieved from the admin server in step 1.
4.Save the file, run bootstrap again on node X, this time put the correct deploy password.
5.Once boot strap for node X is done, Install the service on it through the Admin server UI. Your node X should orchestrate correctly now.