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Authentication for service Accounts in Aveksa

Question asked by shakti nayak on Jan 29, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by Sunita Bhat

I want to create a local account in Aveksa, similar to AveksaAdmin but with least privileges  and to use default Aveksa Authentication, mainly to by pass SSO.

I have followed the steps in the below link


Authentication Sources - Web Services 

How to create local-account in aveksa (other than AveksaAdmin) to bypass SSO 


  1. Created a trusted source system using a csv to store service account and password.
  2. Added the aveksa priveleges to call the webservices
  3. But the next step tells to add the trusted source system as an authentication source but i can only see 3 types of authentiction sources present LDAP/AD or SSO. or TestProvider


How do i "Add the trusted source system as an authentication source".