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Can we get some clarity on the backup scripts & changelog?

Discussion created by Marinos Roussos on Jan 31, 2018
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The more I keep reading various documents the more confused I get, for such a simple thing.


I am on 10.6.3 or later and trying to find the most reliable script to use.


This article has the v2 backup script and titled as 10.6.3 or later, yet inside the document it specifies 10.6.2 or later.

RSA Security Analytics Configuration Backup and Restore Script Downloads for 10.6.2 or Later 


Then there is a v3 version of the script under NetWitness v11 with no documentation or change log whatsoever. 

RSA NetWitness Platform 11.2, 11.3, and 11.4 Backup Scripts 


What are the differences between the two scripts?

Is v3 compatible with 10.6.2/3 or later?


If v3 superseded v2 then why v2 hasn't been replaced and documentation updated?