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Data Breach Today Podcast: Open Banking: Fighting Back Against Fraud

Discussion created by David Dewald Jr. Employee on Jan 31, 2018

Daniel Cohen, recently joined Tracy Kitten to discuss PSD2, the Revised Payment Service Directive, which takes effect this year in Europe.

How will open banking, also known as banking as a service, affect the financial fraud fight?


Daniel Cohen, head of RSA's fraud and risk intelligence product suite, says open banking, which opens up banking platforms to providers outside the financial services arena, will unquestionably increase transaction volume as consumer banking convenience reaches an all-time high. But that increased transaction volume will pose more opportunities for fraud and challenge banking institutions to shore up their authentication methods for validating users as well as the devices they use to make transactions.

It's a great listen, I encourage you to listen... 

Podcast: Open Banking: Fighting Against Fraud Surge - BankInfoSecurity