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Reimage to 11.0.0

Question asked by Jefferson Rodrigues Oliveira on Feb 1, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2018 by Jefferson Rodrigues Oliveira

Hello Guys,

I need to make a Netwitness Upgrade from version to 11.0.0 version. I know, I must run the to and after to and them to 11.0.0.


I looking for ways to upgrade faster the system from version to 11 without data loss.


But we can not waiting theses upgrades sequences... I am thinking make the bellow tasks to upgrade the to 11.0.0:
   1. We have the Netwitness 11 environment - This is a new and parallel environment

   2. We will get the Concentrator and Decoder and make the re-image with the 11 version keeping the all data (RAID information format)

   3. Set the same configuration (hostname and IP) for the Concentrator and Decoder

   4. Add the Concentrator and Decoder on the Netwitness 11

   5. Create the all paths db and Reindex taks the Concentrator database


What do you think about this procedure to upgrade the Netwitness to version 11?



All the hosts are installed on the appliances series 4 .


Thanks to all of you =]