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Issues on WTD 6.2 System Admin Guide

Question asked by huan zhou on Feb 5, 2018

Spotted few issues on the documents, hope someone can update: 


1. Page 28  -->  I don't think this is the config file as i cannot find the 

Edit the following properties in the Cassandra config/ file.  file. 

 2. Page 38   --> exist? 

The last 3 processes on this list (indexer, silversleuth and reportbuiler) exit once per

hour, but will immediately restart so they should only be not running (and therefore

missing from the listing) for 1–2 seconds.  

3. Page 62    --> there is color in the document, possible put a screenshot? 


Add the lines in blue text and remove the lines in red text in the /var/opt/

silvertail/etc/nginx-siteproxy.conf file:


Add the lines in blue text in the /var/opt/silvertail/etc/nginxscoutproxy.

conf file:


4. Page 64   --> The URL is wrong. 

Go to the Configuration Manager (https://%3Chostname%3E:/config)