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RSA Token Extension

Question asked by Mason Bourdeau on Feb 7, 2018
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How is this handled on the client application side?  My understanding on token extensions is that there is no need to touch the end user's software token device in any way when a token is extended on the server, however I have a question about this.


The software token app (for example on Android) knows that the token is about to expire and it is alerting the user about an upcoming expiration.  There is no communication between the AM server and the end user authenticator, so when I extend the token of the server what happens on the end user's authenticator? If anything?  Will the app continue to warn of impending expiration but will just continue to work after hitting the expiration date "magically" (from the end user's perspective)?  I'm assuming if I don't need to touch the end user's device the software token on the app is never "informed" that it's lifespan has been increased.  Just looking for some guidance on what the end user experience is like so I can properly prepare my user base.