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RSA Webagent looping/not working

Question asked by David Jacobs on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2019 by Nomar Morado

We are running RSA Webagent 7.1.4, and I have inherited troubleshooting issues with it after the maintainer left the company.  We are on RHEL 6, running httpd 2.2.15.    We have an issue where sometimes authentication loops, and sometimes it works.  I am seeing this in the logs:

Module bug?  Request filename is missing for URI /webauthentication, referer:  https://oursite/webauthentication  

We use this to protect sensative customer files, command interface, etc.  

I have read about the socket file, and that is present on both servers (they are load balanced).


I have restarted apache on both servers.  Had the QA team test again and they failed once (looped) and then it worked.  I am at a loss.  


Any help?