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entitlement already held for multiple users

Question asked by Zoltan Izsak on Feb 12, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by Zoltan Izsak

A custom application form applies to subordinates of a requestor. I would like to list only entitlements held by all of the requested users. The "entitlements help by some/all users" option will still list all entitlements, it just colors and selects some of them.

I can do some entitlement filtering based on a pv_user_all_access. My entitlement rule is the following (relevant part bolded):

x."Entitlement Name" in (select "Entitlement Name" from pv_user_all_access where "Business Source Name" = x."Business Source Name" and '${avform.user.Id}' = entitled_id) and x."Business Source Name" = '${avform.application.Name}'

but it only works properly if one user is selected. If multiple users are selected then this entitlement rule will list the ents of one of the users.

Any idea how to fix the entitlement list?