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Is RSA secure ID appliance replication from primary appliance to replica appliance rely only on primary LAN?

Question asked by JUNXIA ZHANG on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2018 by JUNXIA ZHANG

We have RSA Authentication manager version 8.2.1 installed on three RSA hardware appliances(RSA SecureID AM8 Intel Appliance 250), one primary and two replica appliances.Each appliance has dual LAN and connected to two different local area networks.
All eth0 of appliances are connected to LAN A and all eth1 are connected to LAN B.IP address of eth0 is set as primary IP address and eth1 address as Alternative IP Address in Advanced Settings
under Security Console.

One day, LAN A was down and we noticed that replications from primary to replica appliances were not success.At that time LAN B was still up and we can authenticate through LAN B without a problem.
After LAN A was up, the replication process success again.Can I assume that RSA replication process rely only on primary IP address(LAN A)?.Is it the normal characteristics of RSA appliances?. If not,
I would like to know how to setup the appliances so that they can still replicate through LAN B, if primary LAN A is down.