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Reminder email contains all team's tasks

Question asked by Amit Khatua on Feb 16, 2018


  • We have 2 different manual workflow for 2 different team to perform action and they are mapped to 2 different applications. 
  • Both the manual workflow (manual activity node) is having email reminder escalation workflow tagged after 3 days 
  • One CR gets raised for access removal (from review) for both the application for one user. 
  • The change items gets divided against application and assigned to respective manual team and email notification sent out with the relevant change items (change details getting dynamically added in email body by ${ContextObjectDesc}) - app1 manual team gets email containing items of change items related to app1, app2 manual team gets email containing change items related to app2. 
  • After 3rd day, the reminder emails sent out to app1 manual team and app2 manual team - 2 emails sent out to 2 team (having all the tasks items of app1 and app2). app1 team gets email of app1 items + app2 items and app2 team gets email of app1+app2 tasks items. 


Has anyone face this ? we are using VIA  7.0.P02.

- Amit