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Suggestions to remediate duplicate objects before migration

Question asked by Steve Drown on Feb 20, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by Matthew McKee

Hello Community Members -

Currently the firm has IL&G 6.9.1 P10 and we would like to upgrade/migrate to 7.x (7.1 most likely since its announcement), but would like to get some suggestions around our duplicate objects that are currently in an Application Namespace and hence need to be remediated first.


The problem:

We have a single Active Directory (AD) Forest with 4 primary Domains.  When we collect Account information we collect sAMAccountName as the Account ID.  This is NOT unique across the 4 Domains.  We are currently not using sAMAccountName to unify the Identity Data, rather we have other attributes from HR sources that also is populated in the AD User records.


The possible solution:

Change from using sAMAccountName to distinguishedName for collecting Account data.  This would create unique records in the Application Namespace for AD.


What concerns do folks have around making this change?


Is this as simple as making the change in the way the Collectors collect account information and re-running the collectors?  Do I need to first delete all of the currently collected data (Delete the Collector and re-import)?


I was thinking that in order to test out what may happen is create a dummy Collector, which is a copy of one of the Domain Collectors that collects into a new "test" Application and then go through the process of redefining to distinguishedName and then performing the re-collection of data.  If that should fail then I could try the deleting of the Collector re-import, etc.