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Using Different Domains with one Primary Instance

Question asked by Michael McDonald on Feb 22, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2018 by Edward Davis

In our current configuration, we have 1 Primary instance and 1 replica in one AD Domain. We have 5 other Untrusted domains (Untrusted to any other domain). Our AM 8.3 configuration uses an Internal database for our users. Our Network Services group wants to use the same Primary/replica pair to authenticate the users over all 6 domains. Each user should has credentials in all of the domains with the same username but should have different passwords. Is this a configuration that can work? Does each set of credentials need to be added to the database? Does each user ID set need its own token or can one token be used for all since the ID's are identical with the exception of the domain? Communication to the other domains requires that the path go through a Firewall.


Can someone let me  know if this is something that can be done and if so is their any documentation for it?




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