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Log collector error massage related to SDEE 

Question asked by Susin Kumar on Feb 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2018 by Jeff Shurtliff

Hello All,


We have running with SA version 10.6 and we have integrated SDEE event source with our log collector (virtual log collector). We have verified that everything was working fine but in recent days we are receiving high amount of below error log messages in our log collector,


[ciscoids.CiscoIPS] [processing] [WorkUnit] [processing] An error occurred creating an SDEE connection: failed to parse XML: Error parsing element attribute: offset, 161
[ciscoids.CiscoIPS] [processing] [WorkUnit] [processing failure] sdee:WrkUnit[2] Processing faile


Still we are receiving events from SDEE event source. Could you please help us to resolve the error message in log collector.