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Stuck on Identity Source

Question asked by Charles Wheeler on Feb 26, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by Edward Davis

I am setting up RSA SecurID for the first time and attaching it to a Windows Server 2016 domain. I am following the steps in "How to create an external LDAP Identity Source in RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 SP1 or later" but connecting to the basic AD LDAP doesn't work. My configuration is:

Identity Source: DC1 (This is the name of domain controller)

Type: Active Directory

Directory URL: ldap://DC1.domain.local (name of the AD domain)

Directory User ID: DomainAdmin@domain.local

Directory Password: correct password


But Test Connection fails each time. This is for the Primary RSA, not a replica. I know I am missing something basic, but am stumped and the online documents have not been much help. I can ping the DC from the RSA server, and the ldap URL resolves. Any help is appreciated.