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AFX Oracle Connector - Throwing invalid index column error

Question asked by Santosh Sajjan on Mar 1, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2018 by Santosh Sajjan

Currently using IMG 7.0.0 with AFX oracle Connector Connected to a Oracle 11.1.2 database.

In create account capability we running SQL command 

"insert into tabale1 (user_id, user_name, full_name, peoplesoft_id, AXZ_id, last_set_password) 

values (axzseq_user.NEXTVAL, '${user_name}', '${full_name}', axzseq_user.CURRVAL, axzseq_user.CURRVAL, SYSDATE)" and mapping user_name and full_name. It's caught SQLException: Invalid column index.


Same error throwing even when adding account_id to group_id in group_member table having 2 columns for this I am using add account to group capability with command "insert into table group_member (group_id, account_id) values (${group_id}, ${account_id})" and input variable values group_id and account_id.