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Procedure to Migrate RSA Authentication Manager Appliance to Virtual Appliance

Question asked by Kenneth Franco on Mar 4, 2018
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We currently have two RSA AM appliances ( - one is Primary and one is Replica and having a base license.

We have a requirement to migrate these appliances to a virtual appliance (VMware). I would like to seek your help on how to do this. I have a basic idea but could you please confirm if this is correct? Or advise if you have a simpler approach with less risk?

1. Shutdown the current Replica appliance

2. Install a new virtual instance (also on VMWare and make it as a new Replica. I will use the IP address and FQDN of the previous replica appliance

3. Once set up, I will sync (need some details here) this Replica instance to the existing Primary appliance

4. On the Primary appliance, promote this new virtual Replica instance to Primary. So users will be able to use this new vm to authenticate. The Primary appliance will then demote itself and become a Replica

5. Shutdown the previous Primary appliance

6. Set up a second virtual appliance with the same version ( Assign the FQDN and IP address of the previous Primary appliance. Set this up as a Replica.

7. Sync this new virtual Replica with the virtual Primary


Your feedback is appreciated.