Marinos Roussos

Were RSA Ideas meant to "reset" all the existing RFE backlog?

Discussion created by Marinos Roussos on Mar 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2018 by Brian Dunphy

Previously, customers were raising Requests for Enhancements through the RSA process that kept changing regularly.

Once a customer raised a new RFE, Support would then submit it and a PM would review it within a few weeks and either reject it or provide some expectations an possibly roadmap to the customer.


Recently, Anya Kricsfeld have launched the "RSA Ideas" and customers were quick to suggest tons of useful features for all RSA products. This is great, in theory.

Currently, (speaking for Netwitness) at least four months since the launch, even the highest voted idea hasn't moved to the next stage.

This would make me think that there is something wrong with the process. Perhaps RSA need to re-adjust their thresholds if they wanted to give this process a chance.


In addition, there are 100s of previously raised RFEs by customers. What will happen to those? Did we just go from 100s RFEs to a few "Ideas"?


For instance, about 2 years ago I wanted to raise some RFE for Windows event source management  since the interface is pretty much useless if one is collecting from 1000s of Windows sources. I was told by PMs that they were planning a complete redesign of that page and so there was no point raising the RFE. 

Fast forwarding nearly 2 years, multiple major versions have been released and the overhaul never came. 


What is the official statement from RSA regarding old RFEs and the process for raising new RFEs?


What is the most realistic process that RSA would recommend for getting new features considered and hopefully implemented in their products?