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How do I configure a User Access review, excluding user ID's with specific parameter values ?

Question asked by Chetan Asher on Mar 9, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2018 by Clive Morrish

We have multiple review configured -

2 Reviews (Account Access & Ownership) for accounts that would be classified as Service / External Entity.  All these ID's are linked to users

A third review (User Access Review) to cover all user accesses assigned to individual accesses assigned to the user.  Ideally, we do not want to include Service / External Entity accounts in this review, though the accounts would be linked to users.


The issue -

* In the User Access Review, we are unable to exclude Service / External Entity accounts since the User Access Review does not allow us to filter on Account Characteristics.

* In the Account Access & Ownership review (which we could use for the user access review), we do not find the user interface forms for reviewers that are available in the User Access Review.


Can someone help with a workaround ?