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Authentication Failed error during windows login

Question asked by Nathan Brown on Mar 14, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by SG Tech

We use the current version of SecurID as an entry method to our computers and laptops.  This way the user simply types in their Windows Login ID and then the PIN+CODE combo to get in.  Working good so far till now.  A user, while out in the field using their laptop to login via the VPN was prompted to change their windows password.  Nothing new, just how things are here.  So she changed it.  However, the next day when she went to use her laptop again the login is presented with an error.  "Windows Security: Authentication failed".  Is this some sort of failure between RSA's recording of the user password and Windows security?  Anyone have a suggestion on how to get past this issue?   The king size rub on this is that she is several hundred miles away doing a presentation and the emergency code will not work either.  It also presents the same error.


Thanks in advance!