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How to enable verbose logging on RSA Security console 8.1

Question asked by Jonathan Kakumasu on Mar 15, 2018

While trying to debug why a user has issues with soft tokens enable verbose logging.

Steps :

  o Reporting -> Reatime Activity Monitoring -> Authentication Activity monitor

  o Display results :  click on "Successful events" & Warning events & Failure events

  o User ID :  jkakumas

  o Authentication Agent :  ag4

  o Server Node :  all

  o <Start Monitor>


Issue :   it appears the warning and failures are not reported on the monitor.   Only the successful events.  Where/How do we enable more verbose, even informational,  logging on the Security Console ?


Attached is a screen shot that just shows the successful events,  but not the 2 unsuccessful Pin+Passcode attempts.


Thank you