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Netwitness Upgrade /

Question asked by Jefferson Rodrigues Oliveira on Mar 17, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2018 by Emmanuele La Porta

Hello, technical masters.

I would like to confirm some information about the Netwitness Upgrade to and


I did the Upgrade from to 11.0.0 and after, and I followed the Upgrade guide of RSA. The upgrade was normal, but, I am seeing possibles wrongs about the versions of services. For example: 
I am using the version, but I just have 2 services that are in this version, the rest of services are in the version and 11.0.0. 


But if I go to Hosts tab, I can see the version for all hosts, but I don't see it in the Services tab. 


Is it normal for this upgrade? 


I opened the and upgrade packet, but I just see some rpm to make the upgrade... I am not able if I am doing the right procedure, but I just followed the Upgrade Guide procedure.


Thanks for the advanced support!