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Replacing main Identity Collector

Question asked by Wietse Beerens on Mar 20, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2018 by Wietse Beerens

Dear Reader,

We must migrate from the old identity collector to a new identity collector of a different type. Without having the identities appear twice in the tool.
During the upgrade to version 7.0.2 (from 6.9.1.) we found that our old collector would no longer work (custom collector) and therefore will no longer be used in version 7.0.2. However as this is the collector that is used as our main identity source we need to migrate this functionality to a new collector.


We want to switch to a out of the box collector that will read all the identities from a file, however when we delete the old collector and replace it with the new collector we get twice the identities because IGL sees all collected identities as new user objects instead of joining these on the existing ones. We know that our unification is correctly set (we have tried several different settings).

Our issue seems to relate to the fact that the database records for the collected users stores the Identity Data Collector Id (IDC_ID) for each collected identity object. If we run the new collector it won't join it's users on the existing object as the IDC ID is different from the one it originated from and therefore creating duplicate users.

We already have looked at but because our old collector is not going to work anymore, this is not an option for us.


Any ideas?