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Group Owner not added to group approval request

Question asked by Shlomo Katz on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by Shlomo Katz


7.0.2 Patch 4


I have a similar problem as another thread (search: Approval Workflow - Approve By Group Owner - Not working). however, the process works in Dev environment but not in Production.


Resource: Application - High Risk Groups

High Risk AD groups are marked with a special attribute and then collected under the High Risk Groups application.

User then make a request to the High Risk Group from the HRG application NOT the Active Directory Directory.

The Approval workflow then pulls the Group Owner for approval.


This is working great in Dev, so I exported the Application and WF to Prod - but Prod cannot find the group owner so it goes to system approval by default.


So , I deleted the Dev application, and export/import Prod to Dev - but Dev worked again without any changes.


The only other difference that I see is that the run-time data in the Dev request adds the following Interation1 value with the group owner, where Production does not.


Any thoughts?