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IGL 7.0.2 - How to specify report email recipients based on group/app-role

Question asked by Andy Cheek on Mar 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2019 by Armel Lupapi

One (of the many) frustrating things about the reporting engine embedded in IGL is that you can only select actual specific users to receive email notifications for scheduled reports. This is a pain when more often than not we want to direct the emails to users in a specific group or set of groups or users with a given app-role, etc.


This means that if the group members change, as people move in/out of that particular job function, the only option is to manually update the report definition to reselect the required users ... always assuming you even know about the change. Administration nightmare.


Until/unless anyone decides to extend these options has anyone considered/developed any alternative approach to enable this kind of maintenance free use of reports?