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RSA Auth Manager 8.1 to 8.3 upgrade path questions

Question asked by Lane Frazier on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by Kevin Douglas

We currently run RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 Service Pack 1 patch 3 - Primary and 2 (remote) replicas with a Web Tier. The Primary and Replicas are appliances.


Looking to upgrade. Can someone elaborate on the upgrade path including web tier updates


From what I can tell the path would be from 8.1 SP1 P3 ==>  8.2==>8.2 Service Pack 1===>8.3


I need some clarification on this.

Questions I have:


We run on physical I need to be concerned about hardware requirements to do this. Can someone explain to me what commands I might run from the OS that would tell me what I have now so that I can check


I know certain patch levels require a uninstall and re-install of the web tier as well. Does this have to be done after each upgrade or can it be done after the whole process is done. 


From what I have read we have to do the primary and each in my case that at least 3 appliances times 3 upgrades and a one or more web tier uninstall and re-install


We want to upgrade to a sha-256 cert....when would this be ordered and done?....generate on the Primary after we completed the last upgrade to 8.3 ?


Do my existing hard and soft token's that I have on the 8.1 SP1 P3 system move over and act the same expiration date wise? Or do we have to order different tokens if we want to take advantage of  extending the expiration dates on tokens




Thanks for your help on this...have never updated this system and it looks like its going to be involved