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Moving a RSA Auth Mgr Replica

Question asked by Lane Frazier on Mar 26, 2018

I have an upcoming move event that I need some guidance on how to handle.


We have RSA Auth Mgr 8.1 Primary appliance with a replica appliance across down and another replica appliance across the country in a Disaster recovery Datacenter in Arizona. All 3 are obviously on a different subnet.


We are getting ready to move our Disaster recovery Datacenter to Texas. When we do, the RSA replica that is in Az will be physically unplugged and moved to Texas.


For the time being it would appear that the subnet for the new disaster recovery datacenter is going to change.


Here is what I'm wondering if I can do. Our replica appliance out there has 2 ethernet cards...eth0  is addressed with its current ip, mask and gateway and enabled


the eth1 is not currently configured or enabled


My question is, Once I know the ip scheme of the new TX location...Can I remote into the replica before it is moved and set the ip address mask and default gateway and enable the eth1 card. Then when the box is moved to Tx just plug the network connection into the eth1 card and not the eth0.


Looks like there is not a way to have a 2nd Fully Qualified Domain Name but at least we could logon to the box by IP


My concern obviously is not being able to access the box from 500 miles away after it is moved.


Looking at Doc 76930 about Replica IPV4 network settings there will be some other things to do with agents etc but this way at least we would be able to logon to the box after some remote hands moved it and plugged it back in.


This sounds straight forward which is why I'm concerned about it.


Am I missing something