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How to configure logs retention?

Question asked by Pedro Queiros on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Pedro Queiros

Hello all,


I'm trying to understand retention periods (in this case, using Virtual Machines) and I need your help.


In the "Admin -> Services -> Log Decoder / Concentrator" config, I see the tab "Data Retention Scheduler", where I'm not imposing any threshold, and I have the scheduler run every 15 minutes.


AFAIK, this should not limit the amount of meta/raw data the VMs save, being only dependent on the size of the partitions we have in the VMs.

Right now, as per the license monitoring, we're using 5GB/day of logs. I have a 250GB root partition on the Concentrator (25% used) and a 650GB root partition on the Decoder (17% used).


Today I tested, and I can only go back 10 days using the concentrator - is this normal? How can I increase this?


Thank you for your help!


Kind Regards,

Pedro Queirós