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CR - Entitlement Table - Find the pre-selected value during onload

Question asked by Lakshmi Arumugam on Mar 26, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by Lakshmi Arumugam

I have a requirement to find the name of the entitlement when the entitlement table loads with preselected value. In this case the user already has an entitlement, so on load of the table, I need to find the name of the entitlement. I currently used the following logic on dev tools in chrome and it works.


I attached a change event to the entitlement table ( ebn_role_table):


$('table#_1253_ebn_role_table_EntitlementTable_content').change(function(){logic goes here;})


  • Works in dev tools (Chrome developer tools) but not in the request form.I thought the reason was that the table is not completely loaded yet so it cannot attach the event.


So I attached a change event to the tr row that contains the entitlement table ( ebn_role_table):


$('tr#row_ebn_role_table').change(checkTable); //checkTable has the logic needed..


  • This does not work either.


Any suggestions on how to get the preselected entitlement name from an entitlement table during onload. Thanks in advance.