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IGL 7.0.2 - Can we include optional Activity tasks in WF?

Question asked by Andy Cheek on Mar 27, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 28, 2018 by Boris Lekumovich

Slightly unusual usecase here, but ... our typical application fulfilment WF creates a provisioning ticket in Remedy (other SRM systems available) for the relevant application support team to process and make the appropriate access changes, followed by a Wait for Verification node to check for the changes coming in a subsequent collection. All well and good.


The trouble comes when the app support team don't (or cannot) grant the access explicitly specified in the CR and therefore the ticket - either the access on the application has changed or, more likely, there is a valid reason NOT to give that access (usually because it was requested by someone who didn't really understand and/or approved by a LM who similarly didn't understand).


While we could introduce another level of approval we don't really want to have to do this, especially when the instances of erroneous requests are few. What we would like, however, is the option to cleanly cancel that particular fulfilment process and the changes associated with it (i.e. allowing any other applications in the CR to be complete normally).


Is it possible to include a parallel transition between Remedy ticket and Wait for Verification which includes (say) an Activity Task which, if completed, would then cancel the changes for that job? We don't want it to prevent the job completing if the changes were collected and the Wait for Verification node completed, i.e. it would be totally optional. Similarly we wouldn't want it explicitly assigned to anyone but should be accessible to administrators if required to complete.


Or is this the same as (or very similar to) the supplied Manual Activities workflow (screenshot below)? It's not obvious to me whether you have to have both transitions to the Stop node executed for the job to complete or only one.