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Installing a vmware replica and testing promotion of a primary appliance - Couple questions

Question asked by Lane Frazier on Mar 30, 2018

For a couple of reason we are looking at spinning up a couple of VMWare replicas.


We run Auth Mgr 8.1 sp1. P3 Suse Linux OS


One reason is for the flexibility of spinning up Virt machines. Another is to move off appliances


We have a primary on an appliance,  as well as 2 other replica appliances.


We are considering bringing up a VM replica and then promoting the primary to the VM. We want to do this as a way to get off of the appliance which will go unsupported.


We've never really tested promotion or demotion of primary to replica.


Ques 1. Any problem moving from a Intel A130 appliance to VM given the understanding that we have to allocate enough disk and processor to the VM. We have about 700 users...say 50 concurrent max.


Ques 2 - When we deploy the OVF template quick setup is going to ask us for a quick set up access code.  Where do we find this quick setup access it generated then or something RSA has to give us. I'm not seeing it in any of my documentation I saved.