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Create Account change item not getting generated if orphan account (marked as service account) is tagged to the user

Question asked by Amit Khatua on Apr 4, 2018
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For application app1, 

1. One account ac1 is tagged to an user U1 (manually tagged)

2. The account ac1 is marked as service account = yes


Now, if the access request gets triggered for the user U1 for app1, the Add change item is getting created for ac1. 


Can we stop this and follow the normal process for U1 (meaning, create 2 change items, one for Create Account for U1 and Add access)?


Justification being, as ac1 is marked as service account, the Create Account change item should get created even if the access is added/removed to both the accounts, is okay. If the Create Account change item is not created from RSA, how will user's main account to be created ? Is it because the orphan account is mapped to the user, and the user did not have its original account, no new account (original) can be created at all ?  Or the orphan account mapping has to be removed then raise the access request for U1 and once the CR is completed, ,add the manual orphan account back is the only solution? 


We are in VIA 7.0.2 P05.


Thanks, Amit