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automatically generated revocation requests creating user change

Question asked by Amit Khatua on Apr 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2018 by Amit Khatua

Why does automatically generated revocation requests (if we mention the revocation date) always triggers User Change not the Account Change ? 


This is causing issue for below cases -

   1. if user has multiple accounts and the addition of access was requested for one account

   2. If any service account is tagged to the user and the add access is happening for the account with revoke date mentioned  (raising account change - expected and agreed). The automated revocation is getting triggered with User change and the account is indirectly getting used as pending parameter mentioned in the application not the service account -> the target application provisioning WS call fails saying the account does not exists  ) 


Tested in VIA 7.0.2 P04 & P05


- Amit