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Shared attributes collection from different AD IDC

Question asked by Riddhish Chakraborty Employee on Apr 6, 2018

Hello all,


Customer has configured three IDC in his environment (7.0.1 P02 HF02 Dev) and these are the collectors in order.


WD_HR_Active (creates users)

QA AD IDC (login ID attribute is mapped to this one)

IHS AD IDC (added later).


The HR IDC creates users and is a flat file from Workday (not an AD domain). The remaining two AD IDC collect attributes.


Customer has set a custom attribute to store the AD samAccountName. There are 2 separate IDC collectors to collect data from the corresponding AD sources.


When the first IDC runs it collects and the shows the the records in raw data and "Users" screen but when the second IDC runs the previous data collected and we see attributes in raw data but not in the "Users" tab (there has been a merger between two organisations)


The login ID is sAMAccountName which is the attribute being collected. In the collection history (raw data) we see the attribute login ID being populated.


After the unification runs with both the collectors it does not show the users collected from the IHS AD domain. Apart from the login ID attribute the unique ID is also collected as an attribute.


For the IHS/QA group (under Users) we do not see unique ID as well as the login ID (in dev environment).


As we had multiple collectors collecting the same attribute we had suggested to change the collector processing order (which one should take priority) and also mention the authoritative source. Customer has already tested this and it has not worked.


As a workaround customer has used 2 separate attributes-IHS DN and IHS login ID for the unification to run and we see the attributes under "Users" but not if the same attribute is collected by two AD IDC.


Customer wants to know if this issue can be fixed in a future release or if there is a way to use a shared attribute.


-Thanks & regards,