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Question asked by ema bac on Apr 8, 2018
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I posted a question (, but it has been locked without a solution. I think my question was clear. Here I post the question and the solution. Let me know what do you think about the customer support.


I developed a client tool on to connect to one of our company webservices by parsing webpages and automating user mouse clicks.

Recently my company introduced a web authentication using RSA token key (username, password, pin+token) and now my tool don't work anymore.

Navigating with internet explorer, I can login to authentication webpage and from that moment I get access to all the company web pages (also on other servers). 


How could I perform a RSA login to our webserver from my tool exactly how I do from internet explorer? If I could do this, then I can allow my tool to continue to work as it was in the past.

Actually the tool uses the to get the webpages content.