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Anyone else see these SOAP node error messages in 7.0.2 P5?

Question asked by Benjamin Nelson on Apr 11, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2018 by Najeeb Peracha

We recently upgraded to 7.0.2 P5 in our DEV, TEST and PROD environments. We discovered that when trying to change the password on one of the SOAP nodes, it threw the error message "Content-Type header parameter is required for SOAP Web Service". I believe this parameter has always been empty so not sure why it is complaining about it now. It is preventing the modification and saving of these nodes so any changes to the target system breaks the workflow on our side. See below.



We opened this issue with RSA (#01137411) on 3-15-18 and so far no one has been able to figure this out. It appears that they put these new restrictions on the SOAP node that breaks existing workflows that do not follow the restrictions. But the restrictions do not appear to be published anywhere so we can't even modify it to match. We've tried several different content types name value pairs and it doesn't like any of them. This is causing a major issue with provisioning because the target system (ServiceNow) is making changes on their side that we can not adapt to.

If we cannot create provisioning tickets in ServiceNow, the product is effectively useless. Anyone else come across this issue?


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