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Removal of access button

Question asked by John Cairns on Apr 17, 2018

Hi There,


We have 2 configured buttons


1 adds access based around a couple of variables. 1 of which is "custom available for request" we change this to yes and that makes the application available for someone to request access.


We are also setting up a remove access button however we would like this to behave very differently. we would see a manager logging in and then reviewing the users access and removing as appropriate. As a result of this we only really want the manager/user to remove Directly Entitled access. This would include access not contained within roles and also access that is perhaps not been set to requestable.


How could we best build the button to behave in this way? if possible? so far i have been able to copy the settings from the Add button so we can remove access however it only allows you to remove apps we set to yes and sometimes that wont be the case. Also we want to avoid a manager or user removing something that is contained within a role (so only Directly Entitled)


Any advice would be gratefully appreciated


John Carins