Dave Glover

How to Fix Drill Downs from the Dashboard

Discussion created by Dave Glover Employee on Apr 20, 2018

In some of the builds of Chrome and Firefox the drill down ability from the dashboards is lost.


There is a simple fix to restore this ability.


For Chrome:


In the Chrome address bar type in chrome://flags


Perform a search for 'touch'.  Once you find it change the option to 'disabled'  Then restart Chrome.


The ability to drill down from the Dashboard should be restored.


Below is how the setting is listed in Chrome:


Touch Events API

Force Touch Events API feature detection to always be enabled or disabled, or to be enabled when a touchscreen is detected on startup (Automatic, the default). – Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS


For FireFox:


 Type about:config into the address bar.


 Search for the setting "dom.w3c_touch_events.enabled" and set it to 0 (I think the default is 2).

 Restart Firefox