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Information regarding Unified Data Model (UDM)

Question asked by Marinos Roussos on Apr 24, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2018 by Marinos Roussos

I've seen a lot of "marketing" articles describing RSA's vision to change most METAs that customers use and give another fancy name to it, creating more work for everyone without properly informing them about such a massive change. This is unprofessional and inappropriately communicated (no communication). 


The reason for this Question is to get all the information that I should have received and explain what needs to be done so that .

Based on the existing documentation it is clear that this is available on both 10.6 and 11.


RSA staff admitting in the very first sentence what a MASSIVE change this would be for admins, and obviously analysts. At the same time, not providing any proper documentation that would make sense to people that were not present in RSA's brainstorming sessions. Automating Meta Key Updates with UDM 


Can we avoid it? Previous changes in METAs through various content packs have been optional.

How is this pushed? Clearly it hasn't been.

Why these steps are not in the documentation? 


Why LINK/DOCS team thought that this massive change that would potentially cause reports and charts to fail and analysts unable to work should not have been communicated via e-mail?

For both Admins and Analysts this change is bigger than an upgrade yet RSA are trying to make it transparent by not telling anyone??