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Dropped connection from Client to Windows Server 2012 where RSA agent is deployed

Question asked by Yegneswaran Jayakumar on May 3, 2018
Latest reply on May 8, 2018 by Yegneswaran Jayakumar

Hi Team,


We are facing dropped connection while making the first connection request from Client to Windows Server 2012 where RSA agent is deployed.


The following are the softwares and its corresponding versions being used.


  • Windows Server 2012/ IIS 8.5
  • RSA Access Manager 6.1
  • RSA Agent Version 5.0.4
  • SSL without a certificate - anon SSL



Once the client Hello being issued, the server responds with its Hello message. But then the connection is abruptly getting ended there. These can be visualized in wireshark logs as attached.

We need inputs here to identify the root cause. The setup was earlier working fine in Windows 2003/ IIS 6.0.


Another aspect is, TLS versions vary between Client and server which shouldn’t be a problem but quoting here if it is useful to suggest any config related to the same.


Windows 2012


Client Hello – TLS 1.1 requested - Attached

Server Hello - Attached.


Any configuration validation with respect to web agent config or any other parameters, please share us any thoughts in this regard.